A tech accelerator saved my life!

techstars logoI feel like I have just gotten through my first trimester and can finally tell people that I am pregnant. You see, we have known for almost two months that we were accepted into the Techstars Seattle 2015 cohort but we were not allowed to tell anyone until today which was Day One of the program. Since Techstars is one of the top tech accelerators in North America (as reported in Seed Accelerators Ranking Project), it was excruciating to hold that news inside. But today we can sing it from the mountaintops because this will be a game changer for Mentio.

We are one of eleven companies in the cohort who were chosen out of over 500 applications.  Hitting those odds feels good. Really good. It validates our team and our product.  The Techstars selection process is heavily weighted to the team, its capabilities and dynamics (so as to avoid implosion!). It gives us a huge confidence boost. It helps keep the momentum and energy high in the team which is super important on this startup roller coaster ride.

At the end of Day One, I am already wishing there were 24 more hours in the day. There is so much to do! As they mentioned in orientation today – “Take your most productive day and do that for three months!”   While startup culture embraces failure, we are hoping we have already done enough of that in the past and can move lightening quick over the next 3 months.

What are we looking forward to?

  • Intense focus for three months
  • Leveraging Techstars mentors
  • Getting to know the other founders
  • Learning and doing
  • Hitting a home run

What are we afraid of?

  • Not moving fast enough
  • Sucking on demo day
  • Not getting funding
  • Mediocre Metrics
  • Flash floods

We know it is going to be an awesome experience for each of us personally and professionally. But most importantly, it is going to take Mentio to the next level. It will all culminate on Demo Day on October 27th. Mark it in your calendars – it will come fast!


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Monique MordenA tech accelerator saved my life!