Mentio’s Weekly Small Business Roundup: Our favourite ideas, trends and insights

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The CEO of the startup that dissolved overnight explains what happened: “Burn”

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“I cannot express my deep sorrow at letting down our employees, our clients, and our investors” reflects the sincere and heartfelt words of an entrepreneur agonizing over having to shut the doors of Zirtual, a virtual assistant startup despite having raised $5million. And at the end of the day… “burn” is what happened to Zirtual.


CEO Review – Where the big opportunities live

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500 CEOs don’t fear changes in tech, yet sense vulnerability in a few sectors.  Check out their interesting infographic and see what the top five sectors ripe for disruption are.



Are Businesses Too Timid With Their Growth Plans?

Cameron Herold quickly grew 1-800-GOT-JUNK’s from $2 million to $106 million. Check out this article for practical steps to generate a vision that “goes big”, including getting out of the office and turning off computers.  

How to Better Manage Your Cash Flow

Entrepreneur Magazine wades in to offer advice on cash flow management with four steps which will help you keep track of the money coming in and out of your growing company, and some great practical ideas for improving your receivables and managing your payables.

‘I Launched a Startup With My Mom. I’m Glad I Did.’

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They say can you can pick your friends, and you can pick your business partners, but you can’t pick your family. Choosing business partners is one of the most difficult things for any entrepreneurs, but who would pick their Mom? This is an interesting story by Vicente Fernandez, founder of SportManias showing that “blood runs thicker than equity.”



Gary Boddington

Gary Boddington


Gary is an advisor at Mentio, bringing financial intelligence to small businesses. He loves the startup world and helping entrepreneurs level up their businesses.



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Gary BoddingtonMentio’s Weekly Small Business Roundup: Our favourite ideas, trends and insights