Build Your Bottom Line

We all want to be successful. In business, that means making money and having as much as possible sticking to your bottom line. What exactly does Mentio mean by “bottom line”? INVESTOPEDIA describes it as a company’s net earnings, net income or earnings per share (EPS). Bottom line also refers to any actions that may increase/decrease net earnings or a company’s … Read More

Sean - Do Not UseBuild Your Bottom Line

Get Out of the Shoe Box

Bookkeeping may sound like a chore or a necessary evil but having regularly maintained books can provide your business with massive advantages over competitors. Often the hardest part is getting started. If you can’t face it on your own, there are lots of great bookkeepers around to help you maintain your books on a regular basis. Here are a few … Read More

Sean - Do Not UseGet Out of the Shoe Box

Introducing Mentio

Well, almost introducing Mentio. We are in beta but here is what we are up to. Mentio is designed for small business owners, as we understand your pain. Your entrepreneurial spirit has you managing your business 24/7 to ensure it is a success. Running the business is a full time job, meaning you don’t have extra time to spend pouring … Read More

adminIntroducing Mentio