The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) may help but feel free to contact [email protected]
How do I connect to Mentio?
  • Visit to sign into Mentio via your Xero account.
  • Click “agree” to the terms and conditions.
  • Click “Sign-in with Xero
  • Authorize Mentio via the Xero authentication process
  • Enter your Xero email and password associated with the account.
  • Select the account you want Mentio to connect with (if you have multiple accounts)
  • Indicate who in the account you would like to receive Mentio notifications currently delivered emails
  • Watch as your data is loaded, KPIs are calculated – come back after the data has loaded, we will send you an email once your company has been loaded.
  • We do a manual check of your accounts to ensure the data is mapping properly. Once you have your email confirmation, you are ready to go.
How do I get back into Mentio?

The best way to access the Mentio app is to download it to the home screen of your smartphone so that it acts like an app.  To do this just follow the four easy steps below.  Alternatively you can visit and click login from any internet connected device.

Apple Instructions:

1) Open Mentio in Safari and click the “share” button:

save to home screen iPhone 1


2) Click “Add to Home Screen”

add to home screen iPhone 3) You can choose to edit the name of the app, then click “Add”

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 1.53.26 PM4) Now you will see the Mentio app on your home screen, you are ready to go!

add to home screen iPhone

Android Instructions:

1) Open Mentio in Chrome and click the “Menu” button (the three vertical lines on the top right:

Android 1


2) Click “Add to Home Screen”

android 2
3) You can choose to edit the name of the app, then click “Add”

android 3

4) Now you will see the Mentio app on your home screen, you are ready to go!

android 4

How do I sign-out of my account?

Go into the Drawer and click “Sign-out”


How do I sign in to a different account?

Ensure you have signed out of any accounts you are currently in. Then click “Sign-in” and enter your Xero login details.


How many people can be in Mentio at once?

There can be multiple people in your companies account. This could include the business owner and other members of their team, as well as key advisors like their bookkeeper accountant.  Only people who have access to your company’s Xero account can login to Mentio.

How do I change notification settings?

Currently you can change who gets notified by Mentio. Anyone listed on your Xero account has the option to be included in notifications from Mentio. You can go to the Drawer and click on “Notifications” to change these at any time.


How do I update my Xero data?

Your data is updated automatically every 24 hours.  You can also update it on demand by going into the “Drawer” and syncing your Xero data whenever you like.


How are the tasks generated?

Mentio has powerful algorithms that look for patterns and trends in your financial data which compare your current situation with those of the past. These algorithms then surface the three most important tasks based on their ability to address your situation. However, there are “Other Tasks” if you want to see and do them all.  The algorithms learn over time based on how you use Mentio and become smarter based on your interactions.

How do I undo a task?

On your home page, go to “Done Tasks”. Click on the tasks and hit the undo button . The task will now show up in your To Do list.

IMG_8896  IMG_8895

Can I modify the email template?

You can modify the email but not the template. At least not yet. Let us know if this is important and we will add it to our development queue.

How much does it cost?

Currently the product is free. We plan to charge $10/month starting in September 2015. However, we will offer a free 30 trial for each new account. Users can get the product for free by referring others to Mentio.